Saturday, 12/11:
7pm -10pm Opening Reception PLEASE RSVP !
Human beat boxer performance
Live painting by Shin Tanaka and visiting artists from Japan
Paper toy folding demonstration class

Sunday, 12/12:
Gallery opens at 12pm. Live painting, interactive activity – more details to follow!
About the Exhibition
LOVE MOVEMENT is an art show using vinyl toys to deliver universally understood messages about love. American, Japanese and European artists were given blank versions of toys designed by recently married artists, Shin and Nao. The finished works will be exhibited at SUPERFROG Gallery in San Francisco with an opening reception on December 11th. Shin, Nao and many of the other artists involved in the show will be in attendance!

The Artist Roster
Anne & Scott Wilkowski, Arbito & Snaggs, Ayumi Urayama, Ben The Illustrator & Fi O’Brien, Gatchabert, Bob Conge, Brian Flynn & Dora Drimalas, Bwana Spoons, Chino, Chota Akatuki, Colin & Sas Christian, cozy robot & bonkydog, Devilrobots, Drilone, ECONECO & SAI, Emilio Garcia, Eriko Ito, Ferg, Frank Kozik, Gary Ham, Hiro Hayashi, Huck Gee, Jason Freeny, Jason Siu, Jermaine Rogers, Jon Burgerman, Jon Knox, Julie West, Kaijin, Kanna Inoue, Karogaro, Ko-Hei! Arikawa, Le Merde, LouLou & Tummie, Mark Nagata, Matthew Waldman, MCA, Mike Slobot, Mr. & Mrs. Leecifer, Nathan Jurevicius, Noferin, Phokos, Sally & Josh Handy, Satoshi Yoshioka, Scott Tolleson, SergeySafonov, Shin Tanaka, Sho Murase, Skinner, Superdeux, Skwak, TADO, Task One,Touma, WeAreObjects & A. Bamber, Yosiell Lorenzo, Yucachin, Yu Tihara, 460, and more.

Visiting Artists and Guests from Japan
Champion Human Beatboxer KAZU

The Curator
Jeremy Brautman has been called many names, and “Toy Maven” is the one that stuck. A prolific writer, he began writing about toy art professionally in 2008. Jeremy made his curatorial debut with an ongoing custom toy contest series called custoMONDAY and was last seen putting together the Resin Toy Showcase for Neon Monster at Wondercon. He met Shin and Nao in Tokyo while on his honeymoon. He was freshly married, Shin and Nao were engaged, and Japan felt like the most welcoming place in the world. Love was everywhere, and Jeremy promised he would get the two artists a show in San Francisco. Shin and Nao are now married, and this is that show. Jeremy can be found blogging his head off at