4.8.10 – 5.6.10
munky king melrose

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Jibibuts sp., are long-lived forest dwellers native to the west coast of Carrara Island. Found mostly in moist temperate climates, they scurry about the forest floor consuming all manner of fallen leaf litter. Jibibuts sp., are important biological indicators of forest health.
Specimens discovered by the Biological Institute of Carrara.

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The lovely Australian artist’s Noferin are best known for their adorable characters and scenic landscapes reminiscent of traditional ukyo-e Japanese prints and fairy tale illustrations. These characters first made their appearance in the couples, life thru “Have a nice day” notes and gave life to the wonderful world of Carrara Island home to Peacan Pals that have inspired paintings, sculptures, prints, plush, toys and their latest blind box mini wood toys. . . . JIBIBUTS.

The duo has invited 30 plus of today’s most sought after lowbrow artist to reinvent the Jibibuts into their own visions. The result is unlike any other we have had honor to host.

Curated by Noferin & Zury Ponce

Music Provided by R-Rated & Colby